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F15 AS ST2

The F series AS models complete the range of our multi-solvent machines in capacities ranging from 10 to 25 kg., and are available either in standard 3-tank & 2-tank large
units or 2-tank slim-line versions, in order to respond to different layout needs and anyway to solve any problem of space in the dry-cleaning shops.

All F-Series AS models come with an innovative self-cleaning round shape solvent tank design, allowing for a circulation of the solvent with “spin clean” action that effectively removes any residue and ensures better cleaning of the solvent

The F Series AS has been designed to comply with strictest environmental regulations, to obtain perfect cleaning results with lowest possible operational costs, and to simplify maintenance. Thanks to its modern design the F Series offers other advantages in operational savings as they can be equipped with all options, including those more exclusive and related to the upper professional series.

In the usual constructive philosophy of Firbimatic, the F series AS is of robust design, reliable, and at the same time simple, with all major components easily accessible and with panels that open on the front of the machine for the maintenance operations.



  No. Of Solvent tanks 2 tanks
80 One Ecological Filter (14 disks) + One Decolourant Filter X
CE1 CE regulations - Doors safety locking system Standard
CE2 CE regulations - Safety containment tank Standard
Water saving thermostatic Danfoss valve Standard
  Fridge group gauges Standard
  Noise insulation cover for fridge unit Standard
1 Automatic electronic Dry Control (with sensor) X
3 Automatic soap dosing pump X
7 Water / Air failure safety pressostat X
S Smart micro-processor Standard
DP Combi DP160 board for temperatures control X
AZ Nitrogen injection safety system (30 lt. cylinder not included) Standard
FD Fractional distillation with 3 stage-water separator group Standard
VP Air cooled Vacuum pump for distillation / NEW ROUND STILL X
9 Back drum cleaning X
11 Jet Solvent, still walls automatic washing Standard
17B Solvent cooling in-line system with water Standard
23 Spraymatic nozzle and pre-setting Standard
25 Double water separator Standard
33 Frequency Inverter electronic speed control for main motor Standard
RAL Colour Grey 9007
  Tool box & bolting down kit Standard
  Hard Cardboard Packing on wooden base X


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